About My Access (www.myaccess.com)…

Here is some helpful information for students and parents about our new writing program, My Access:

  • This online program helps give standardized assessment and feedback for student writing.  In other words, it helps students see where they’re at in their writing skills.
  • Usually, papers are scored out of 6 points total
  • A “proficient” score, which means at grade level, is a 4 or above.
  • At the point in the year, most 6th graders are scoring between 3 and 4.
  • The goal is for students to be able to independently reach a score of 4 or higher by the end of the year!

As I grade papers, like the persuasive essay, I will score one draft with my own rubric (scoring sheet) all about the things we learned and practiced in class.  Then, I will have My Access score the students’ edited final drafts.  The My Access score will affect students’ writing grades, but not significantly. 

Feel free to explore the program at home and read the feedback together to see how you can improve your writing!  I hope it becomes a valuable tool for you as you grow as a writer!!


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